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Medical Myth Mondays- Eating Poppy Seeds Can Result In A Positive Drug Test

Did you see the Seinfeld episode where Elaine tested positive for opiates after eating several poppy seed bagels before the drug test? You may have thought that was something that was concocted for TV, but it is really true. Poppy … Continue reading

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Beauty Is Not Beautiful If It Is Animal Abuse

Leave it to the fashionatas of the entertainment business to start a new trend. Some of the trends are innovative, beautiful and artistic. This one is not. The newest trend is to use these beautiful rooster feathers to adorn the … Continue reading

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Medical Myth Mondays- Sucking the Venom Out of a Snake Bite is Beneficial

Approximately 8,000 people are bit by venomous snakes annually but only about 8 of those bites result in death. However, if a bite victim is not treated quickly, the venom can be deadly. All snakes are prone to attack if … Continue reading

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