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The Color of Romance

An article came out today stating that men are attracted to women dressed in red because that signals that they might be interested in “romance”. Women have been wearing shades of red in clothing and make up since Cleopatra and … Continue reading

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Chiggers and Nail Polish

It is only February but it will get hot here in the not too distant future. Bugs love the heat and humidity and generally in the South we think about mosquitoes as being our most hated culprit.                                     But what about … Continue reading

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Fake Avastin- The Problem with Counterfeit Drugs

Last year it was Tamiflu and Alli. This year it’s Avastin. Counterfeit drugs. Counterfeit versions of the drug Avastin were found in Europe and the USA in early Real Avastin Fake AvastinFebruary and when tested was found to contain a variety … Continue reading

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