Bacon, Fat and Such For Infections and Other Injuries

Got an infection? Place bacon on it and if possible, secure it with a plastic bag. Voila! Infection gone.

Not really.

There is nothing in bacon that is conducive to healing an infection. I have read a number of different techniques for using bacon and they all involve using a plastic bag in some way. In the testimonials it also says that the infection “cooks” the bacon but it is best not to eat the infection filled bacon. Ugh.

I’ve also read testimonials that say if you place  a piece of bacon over a splinter overnight the splinter will be gone in the morning or at least will be easy to remove. This also works on pieces of glass and other small foreign bodies. Also recommended is placing a WHITE cloth over the bacon to improve the treatment.

I think I’ll take my chances with the original infection and not add bacon to the problems that already exist.

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