Green Tea and Shampoo

It appears that an anti-oxidant from green tea could help strengthen hair. A researcher from Georgia Health Sciences University in Augusta said that this ingredient has been put in a shampoo and has the potential to thicken hair. It cannot be called a hair loss shampoo because that is considered a medical claim,  but there is evidence in animal studies that the ingredient prevents hair loss.

In a study in South Korea scientists worked with mice and were able to reduce hair loss from testosterone by applying applications of the ingredient fround in green tea, epi-gallacotechin gallate, topically. The final conclusion was that this ingredient was able to reduce the effect of testosterone that leads to cell suicide.

Professor Stephen Hsu is the company founder of Camellix which developed the shampoo. In the past there has been a problem because after the water soluble ingredient is added to the shampoo, the potency decreases dramatically. His company has developed a formula that is fat soluble. He also worked with a maker of a hair-loss shampoo from South America to study its active ingredients. A portion of that formula is incorporated into the new shampoo.

Dr. Hsu says the substance works as an anti oxidant as well as working against cell death.

Dr. Hsu developed the shampoo for his wife who was complaining about hair loss.The word spread and he began making larger batches. The shampoo was scheduled to be released the 3rd week of October.

It’s worth a try.

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