Electromagnetic Fields And The Brain

Does exposure to  electromagnetic fields (EMF) affect the brain?

First, some terminology. Electricity is movement of electrons (current) through a wire. AC current is the type of electricity that runs through power lines. AC current produces an electric field and a magnetic filed. Electric fields are easily shielded and weakened by walls and objects. Magnetic fields can pass through buildings, humans, etc… Therefore, the magnetic component is more commonly studied in relationship to development of cancer.

Electromagnetic fields are invisible lines of force created whenever electricity is generated or used. Produced by power lines, electric wiring, electric equipment, computers, televisions, cell phones, appliances and more. Measured in Hertz (Hz, cycles per second). Most studies focus on 50-60Hz fields, the same frequency as that used for power transmission. Logically, the strength of the magnetic field decreases rapidly as the distance increases.

                       Exposures to common  daily appliances and objects

Garage Door Openers 40 megahertz
Alarm Systems 40 megahertz
Cordless Phones 40-50 megahertz
Baby Monitors 49 megahertz
Radio controlled airplanes 72 megahertz
Radio controlled cars 75 megahertz
Wildlife tracking collars 215-220 megahertz
MIR space station 145 megahertz and 437 megahertz
Air Traffic Control Radar 960-1215 megahertz
Global Positioning system 1227 and 1575 megahertz
Microwave oven ( depends on the size) 2450 megahertz
Cell phones 824-829 megahertz

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