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I am a Physician Assistant currently working as the Clinical Coordinator of the Piedmont Brain Tumor Center at Piedmont Hospital.  This is my blog.

When I attended undergraduate school at UNC-Chapel Hill, I planned to major in journalism, but I found myself following a different path. Instead, I became a radiologic technologist and began my career at Wake Memorial Hospital in Raleigh, N.C. (now called Wake Medical Center). I was assigned to the neurology area and I spent much of my day working with neurosurgeons and a neurologist. I later found out that I was placed in that area because I was the only person that didn’t refuse to work with these doctors ( makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?). It is there that my love for the brain was born. After a trip to Miami, I was driving back to Raleigh and spent the night in Atlanta. It was love at first sight. I saw a hospital sign on I85 N, went in, applied for a job and took it when offered. That first job was at Georgia Baptist Hospital (now Atlanta Medical Center).  Several jobs later, in 1987, I took a job at Piedmont Hospital.  After several years I was promoted to the position of the Assistant Director of the Radiology Department. Although I enjoyed that job, I felt that something was missing for me.  I wanted to have more involvement in patient care but knew that I didn’t want to be a nurse.  There were not many physician assistants at Piedmont at that time, but as I followed them around and talked to them about what they did, I knew that being a PA would give me the opportunity to care for patients that I craved. After applying at a number of programs around the country, I chose Wake Forest University and in  1995 I graduated from The Bowman Gray School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program.  I packed my bags, my 2 cats and moved back to Atlanta.

My 1st job as a PA was in the Emergency Department at Piedmont Hospital and I have been at Piedmont Hospital ever since. I have held positions in Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, Neurosurgery, Critical Care and Surgical Oncology. Each job job has been exciting and challenging and has given me the opportunity to build a solid clinical foundation.  The 7 years I spent in neurosurgery and surgical oncology have prepared me for my current position.

My goal is to ensure that each patient and each patient’s family understand the complexities of being diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is not just a physical diagnosis but a diagnosis that affects the emotional and spiritual part of each person’s life. To help them cope with the diagnosis, it is important to develop an interactive relationship between the health care providers, the patient and the patient’s caregivers. An environment of openness, caring and exchange needs to exist and by using a team approach, this can be accomplished. A brain tumor is not just an individual disease, but a disease that is shared by everyone that is involved with the patient.

There will be posts 3-4 times per week. Monday’s post is Medical Myths Monday.  The Friday post will be a more personal post called Friday’s with Freda. The other posts will center on all aspects of brain tumors.

Join me in discovering my passion for medicine, life and brain tumors.

I have no financial relationships with any company and the content of my blog does not necessarily reflect the view point of Piedmont Health Care System. Information posted should not take the place of a discussion with your private physician.

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